Thursday, December 23, 2010

Random Catch Up Photos Part 2: Life back in Portland

The following were taken here in the land of ports.
That is all.
So I moved into a new house.
I will take many more pictures of it.
I will post them here for people's viewing pleasure.
This is one of the many beautiful art deco chandeliers.

Cole is tired from climbing too many stairs.
On the way up to the 3rd floor entertainment room he decides to rest.

Smiley face at thanksgiving.

Smiley face soup.

Logan about to tap a barrel of raspberry sour beer in an appropriately hued poncho.

Lamb sliders I made for Alleson's birthday.
Needed more meat.
Ricky aptly named them Lamburginis.
Get it?
Lamb burger minis...
Get it?

Hipster music venue.

Cole is quickly becoming one of my favorite people.
He's magical!!!
He can move things with his mind.
Cole's magic skills only come up at this specific restaurant: The Taste Tickler.
Yes there is a restaurant called the Taste Tickler.
The Taste Tickler is combination Japanese bento box and Italian sub shop.
Stop humming Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell song.
You have now distracted yourself from the fact that there is a restaurant named The Taste Tickler.
Crazy Huh?

Cole's Pine State Biscuit breakfast.

My Pine State Biscuit breakfast.

Portland has a Christmas boat parade on the Willamette.

Barcroft and Minus-E Cardiel (sadly not related to John Cardiel) enjoying the parade in the cold.

I leave you with this awesome panoramic photo of beautiful Portland and a happy Kale.
Click on it to see the beauty full size.

Random Catch Up Photos Part 1: Colorado

Life is busy.
I had a great trip back home.
I didn't sleep much.
I didn't take very many pictures.
These are the few I took.
Proper Cappuccinos.

Blurry photo with Sara at Friendsgiving.

3am photo: 2 boys in a little coat

Don Corleone-Whitehurst

South Walnut breakfast photo shoot.

Family bonding trip attempt #1: FAIL.
My dream cars at the inconveniently closed airplane museum in Denver.

Family bonding trip attempt #2: Success.
Parents at DAM.

My mom is concerned for the flatware.
Miss you Colo-people!!!