Sunday, September 19, 2010

Portland Parties

You never know what you'll come across at a party in Portland.

More people's interpretations of Eliot:

Monday, September 13, 2010

An evening with the Chapman School Swifts

Spent my evening reclining on a grassy hillside with probably 500 other people. Enjoyed a beautiful sunset and watching something like 30,000 swifts swirling above my head in beautiful patterns.Honestly one of the most beautiful things I've seen in awhile. They snaked down and around the chimney of the school in seething masses of probably 5-8k and streamed into the chimney creating the effect of billowing smoke played in reverse. I am truly loving it here in Portland. Every day has been an adventure.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Best bicycle randomness yet.

Parked outside the grocery store I came across this jem of a bicycle graphic. Somebody put their teen magazine to good use.

Mi Casa...3.14159

Well the number one awesome thing about my house is that my street address from left to right contains the first 6 digits of pi in order. How awesome is that. Anyways here is my new house.
It is basically the garden of Eden. My landlord/roommate is retired and just gardens all of the time.

Monkey Puzzle Tree

Anime colored flowers. Id bet the have a real name but I don't care to learn it.
Flower power.

My front porch where I will live on rainy days. Book in hand and pipe in mouth.

Nom Nom Nom....Kitchen!!!!!!!
Hawk skull in a bell jar...Yep my roommate is creepy like me.

My house is all craftsman balloon framed badassery. Check out that cantilever.

Yeah this phone actually works. If there was a long distance plan on the house phones I'd call everyone I knew from it.

I have a room...With all of my LPs...and no turntable. Sad face.

I leave you with this picture of a spider on it's web. There are honestly probably like 50 spiders that reside around my house. They make new webs all of the time. Quite beautiful except they like making them between my bike's handlebars overnight. Welp here's my new home. :) 

Skate Journal Aug. 30th and Sept 3rd

Aug. 30th
Skate flatground at the perfect basketball courts near my house. Basically realized I hate 360 flips and that the reason I rarely do them except in games of skate is that I have horrible 360 flips. Cruised around the courts just doing my normal flippers. My board and shoes are both feeling old and worn down. Tried a line of 360 flip, nollie frontside flip, fakie flip, and switch front heel. I kept screwing up on the fakie flip or switch front heel. Probably tired and uninspired legs can be blamed for it. I'm excited that the school that is 2 blocks from my house has such good ground as well as a large covered area which will be over utilized in the rain I'm sure.
Sept 3rd
Went to one of my favorite parks for kicking a ball around and skated the back to back metal edged benches at the basketball court.

I arrived at the park and spent the next 15 minutes tightening all of the bolts on the seats of both benches. A few people in the park looked at me pretty oddly for fixing a bunch of benches at a public park but they probably understood why a few minutes later when I started to skate them. The benches are taller than they look and kinda awkward to skate. So it goes with street skating though :). Been skating perfect park ledges for too long. Took me quite awhile to get used to the benches but ended up getting some pretty good feeling 5-0s and nosegrinds both ways. Tailslides are kinda out of the question because of how narrow the runway is but nollie tails worked out ok. Ended up getting a couple frontside and to my surprise a couple backside. Such a beautiful day to skate. It's so green and beautiful in every park here. :)