Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Final Figure Drawing Catch Up

Here is the final installment to get caught up to current.
From now on I'll try and post 1-3 drawings from each week's session.
Unless I find a few drawings especially good I will probably not post links for every week on Facebook.
So subscribe via blogger or add me to your Google reader if you want to be alerted of the weekly updates.

Quick sketch of woman with Ponytail.

I did not accurately portray this woman's face.
The outcome actually reminds me of a friend of mine here in Portland.
Scandalous!!! :)

Sometimes frustration leads to implied angel wings.

First attempt at purely erasure technique.

One of my favorite drawings.
The model's personality really shows through.

Another of my favorites so far.
I loved drawing this one.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Figure Drawing Catch Up (Part 2)

Ok so this is part 2 of 3.
Part 3 will have to wait on the USPS.
I sent a few drawings to some people back in Colorado and I want them to be surprised.

Quick sketch of man

Contemplative dreadlock man

Dreadlock man's back

Chizzled from stone motif.
I ran out of time on her face.

Historic man

I like this face. Very primitive

Frustration leads to Matrix themed accessories

Bald Man

Girl with difficult leg

Fish Woman

Sunday, April 10, 2011

SF Trip (Last Part)

Going back over these pictures in the last few weeks has been great.
This SF trip is one I will remember for my entire life.
Again these pictures are almost all stolen from Ms. Carleigh Samson!!!
Day 4
We awoke to the rain.
A cold drizzle in fact.
So we went spot searching for a bit.
Then went to an indoor park 20 minutes outside of SF.
I skated a foot tall ledge with Glen pretty much the entire time.
Everyone else skated the bowl.
Gordon front board over the "on the scale of knee surgery to death" hole.

We then boarded a party bus and went rollerskating to celebrate the roller derby side of the Cruz anniversary.
(not shown...actual roller derby girls who found trick factory overly entertaining)

Our party bus experience was....
District attorneys, Las Vegas adult show producers and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration officials would have all had something to peak their interest during the 30 minute party bus ride from roller skating to the bar. The photo above shows the aftermath at the bar.

Putting the sun out of business since 1984.

This is the only picture I took the entire trip.
I believe it was from the first day.
If I photoshoped bags under all of our eyes and could somehow apply a "head in a vice look" filter it would've shown a reasonably accurate interpretation of the morning.
We eventually got up an hit the now dry streets.

Fauver was killing it.
Somehow none of us ran into the police car parked at this spot.

We skated all over downtown SF.
I've been to SF numerous times and had been blocks away from this famous spot without realizing it.
Skating it was definitely fun even though the wind kept us all from trying flip tricks.
We eventually got kicked out and made our way down to EMB.

This is hallowed ground.
Fuzz gave me a challenge to do at least one 5 trick flip trick line in honor of all of the flippers done on these famous bricks.
My line was: Kickflip, Nollie Heel, Nollie Frontside Flip, Switch Heel, Switch Flip
Nothing too spectacular but I was having a blast.
I also had set myself a goal to do at least one switch frontside heel during the trip.
I landed 3 at EMB.

Carleigh landed a perfect shuv-it down the set.
For some people drops just make sense.
They make sense to Carleigh.

Drops don't make sense to me so I skated the tall rounded ledges at EMB.

I landed a boardslide while wearing the T-shirt of the high school where my mom teaches.
Go Brush Beat Diggers!!!!!!!!!!

Fauver defied the laws of physics and somehow noseslid it.
Boggles the mind.

We went to Pier 7.
I don't land tricks...
I fall a bunch...
I smile incessantly...

I didn't get the chance to land this before we got the boot.

Fuzz...smooth as silk.
Silk isn't fuzzy.
Not the best simile I guess.
Well I have never claimed to be a good writer.
So stop judging.

I'm getting grayer and grayer.
I also miss Glen.
He is not getting grayer somehow.

Group photo of the skate crew for the day.
We kept skating around a bit and ended up at the parkside for the eating contest.
Yes indeed!!!
An eating contest!!!
A chlli dog eating contest.
Not so exclaimed!!!!
I am still gagging at the thought of a chili dog.

This is before eating 6 chili dogs.

Here I am sitting next to the two time eating contest champion Glen, at some point on our way to intestinal destruction.
I fell into a food coma at some point and woke up the next day ready to make the most of out last day.

I awoke and partook in the most wonderful bagel breakfast sandwich the world has ever seen!!!
I photographed it.
They really are that amazing.

We skated the 3up 3down for a bit.
I tweaked my knee and didn't actually land this nose manny.
I'm 0-2 trying to nose manny this thing.
Next year I shall be 1-2.
Let's hope.

We skated an uber tall ledge with our tired legs.
I fell pretty badly trying to 5-0 it.

To make myself feel better I bombed a hill.
It was quite delightful.
This is SF to me.
The freedom and fear that swirl around inside your soul at a moment like this are unparalleled.

We all later parted ways and headed back towards our homes.
Thanks so much to Gordon and Sandy.
You two are the best hosts and I'm honored to be a part of your yearly celebration.
Thanks again!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Figure Drawing Catch Up (Part 1)

I've been attending a drop in Figure drawing class for the last few months.
I don't make it every week but pretty much every week I go I have a bunch of fun.
I've never considered myself very good at drawing but I'm learning as I go.
I will soon start posting each week's drawings. 
Here are some catch up drawings.