Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SF Trip (Part One)

The yearly skate trip to SF for the Cruz Skate Shop anniversary was such a great time!!!
Almost all of the following pictures were stolen from the ever talented Carleigh Samson.
Catch more photos of the trip (some honestly too embarrassing for my blog) on her blog.

First thing I did on my visit was visit the Academy of Science.
Having only seen it from the outside once I didn't realize it had a rainforest inside. 
How beautiful!!!

The roof was quite impressive as well!!

I meandered through Golden Gate Park until out of the bush appeared two locals.

Kelly and Yury!!!!!!!!!!
So great to see them!!!!

We hung out and ate pie!!!
Thanks again for showing me around your hood.
2nd to none.

The next day began the skating.
I love granite!!
Love it!!

Marble is pretty nice as well.

Gabe and Lazer

Glen Joey and Rob.

Carving the Mission/24th BART stop.
Life is rough in SF...too many skate spots.

Eventually we ended up at the Lowcard ramp.

This photo says it all.
Worn Out!!
End of day two.

The next day was the Poker Run.
Basically a much more fun version of cyclist's critical mass.
Brian was having way too much fun.

I also was having way too much fun.

The third of 5 stops included a skate competition of sorts.
Needless to say I didn't partake in said carcass toss.
This guy killed it though.

We kept cruising.

Until arriving at Thee Parkside.
Yes there are actually two 'e's in Thee Parkside.

Instead of partying we kept skating a bit.
Fuzz kills it.
Great push as well.

Carleigh is gnarly.
This ollie is crazy to me.
Plus she did it with a super torn up hand.
It's fitting to end Part One with a photo of Carleigh.
Her spectacular photography is a great way for my failing brain to remember the happenings of a great weekend. Thanks again Carleigh!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What Not To Eat

At the Asian Market here in town my wise roommate decided to purchase four century eggs.

After splitting 2 eggs up between 6 of us we all took the plunge.

Lesson to be learned:
Your gagging reflex is there for a reason!!!
I have never been so close to instantaneously projectile vomiting as I was 2 seconds after beginning to eat this famous Chinese food.
Steer clear my friends!!!
Steer Clear!!!.