Thursday, December 23, 2010

Random Catch Up Photos Part 2: Life back in Portland

The following were taken here in the land of ports.
That is all.
So I moved into a new house.
I will take many more pictures of it.
I will post them here for people's viewing pleasure.
This is one of the many beautiful art deco chandeliers.

Cole is tired from climbing too many stairs.
On the way up to the 3rd floor entertainment room he decides to rest.

Smiley face at thanksgiving.

Smiley face soup.

Logan about to tap a barrel of raspberry sour beer in an appropriately hued poncho.

Lamb sliders I made for Alleson's birthday.
Needed more meat.
Ricky aptly named them Lamburginis.
Get it?
Lamb burger minis...
Get it?

Hipster music venue.

Cole is quickly becoming one of my favorite people.
He's magical!!!
He can move things with his mind.
Cole's magic skills only come up at this specific restaurant: The Taste Tickler.
Yes there is a restaurant called the Taste Tickler.
The Taste Tickler is combination Japanese bento box and Italian sub shop.
Stop humming Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell song.
You have now distracted yourself from the fact that there is a restaurant named The Taste Tickler.
Crazy Huh?

Cole's Pine State Biscuit breakfast.

My Pine State Biscuit breakfast.

Portland has a Christmas boat parade on the Willamette.

Barcroft and Minus-E Cardiel (sadly not related to John Cardiel) enjoying the parade in the cold.

I leave you with this awesome panoramic photo of beautiful Portland and a happy Kale.
Click on it to see the beauty full size.

Random Catch Up Photos Part 1: Colorado

Life is busy.
I had a great trip back home.
I didn't sleep much.
I didn't take very many pictures.
These are the few I took.
Proper Cappuccinos.

Blurry photo with Sara at Friendsgiving.

3am photo: 2 boys in a little coat

Don Corleone-Whitehurst

South Walnut breakfast photo shoot.

Family bonding trip attempt #1: FAIL.
My dream cars at the inconveniently closed airplane museum in Denver.

Family bonding trip attempt #2: Success.
Parents at DAM.

My mom is concerned for the flatware.
Miss you Colo-people!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Seattle trip!!!

Well I actually went on this trip a few weeks ago. I've been too busy living life to blog about it. Job Searching and GRE studying have been eating up a good deal of time. Plus the weather stayed nice much longer than I expected so I was out in it instead of inside on a computer. Anyways here is a couple of pictures from my trip. My friend who we will refer to as BarCroft was a most spectacular guide and host. Getting an insiders view on a city as big and spread out as Seattle was great. Plus I got to meet all kinds of nice people in the process.

It all began with a rideshare to Seattle via craigslist. You never know what you'll get and we were in for a treat.
Our ride happened to be in a older dodge caravan with no back seats and 3 friendly free spirited individuals(read hippies). In place of the seats was a bed for the guy we were getting a ride from and a bean bag chair. This wouldn't have been so bad if there wasn't also a dog and another tall human trying to cram in the back with BarCroft and I.
But we made due by becoming human tetris pieces and passing time playing card games. I got to snuggle with a dog for most of the trip. Thankfully it wasn't a cat.
Seattle was very beautiful. Water is everywhere.
As well as awesome trees.
Some of them happen to have my favorite word in their scientific name.
It had me at pseudo...It had me at psuedo.
I stayed at BarCroft's parent's house. A very beautiful place inhabited by beautiful people.
We ate Red Mill burgers.
Enjoyed their amazing boysenberry shakes.
 Went to touristy places like Gas Works Park.
Pike Place Market
OMA's awesome library.
I had my first Dim Sum.
Took touristy pictures in the rain
Wore an awesome hair net and beard net(chocolate factory tour) and overall had a spectacular time.
Thanks again to BarCroft for the spectacular time.
I see why people love Seattle now.
Tis Beaut!!!

Skate Journal Nov. 3rd 2010

Portland finally started getting rainy about 2 weeks ago. Once I saw the weather was going to be rain-free for a few days I knew I needed to go skate. Still not having a go-to person to skate here is pretty demoting, but I had a pretty fun time skating on my own today anyways. I had a new board setup and a pair of shoes that had been worn plenty but never skated in. I skated down towards the industrial district popping up and down curbs and doing some mannys here and there to get used to the new setup. I arrived at this spot which is basically a block long angle iron ledge with no plans or tricks in mind. Got warmed up with some front and back 50s and 5-0s on the 20 ft. of ledge that didn't have cars parked in front of it. Then I felt like trying I trick I don't think I've really tried more than once or twice: nollie frontside 5-0 180 out. Had a lot of trouble with them for awhile but then put down a couple that weren't horrendous. Moved on to front nosegrind pop outs. Which are tough but I ended up landing 2 solid ones and another 2-3 where I landed in wheel bite. Anyways I ended the session with a solid 20 attempts and 180 5-0s half cab out. Got a few decent grinds but never got to the halfcab out.  worked on some flippers out in the middle of the street and landed one of the best switch heels I think I've ever landed. I do that trick a bunch so that's saying a lot. Fun session. Glad to be back on the board after so many frustrating days spent complaining about my knee.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Logan has arrived!!!!!

Serendipitously ended up at Washington School, the abandoned school that was re-purposed by PICA into some art galleries and performance space for the last month or so. Logan quite enjoyed it. Check out that enthusiastic thumbs up.

He also took this awesome vertical panorama with his camera phone.

Fabric tatter room pano from L_Kerb.

Someone got called to the office.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Portland Parties

You never know what you'll come across at a party in Portland.

More people's interpretations of Eliot:

Monday, September 13, 2010

An evening with the Chapman School Swifts

Spent my evening reclining on a grassy hillside with probably 500 other people. Enjoyed a beautiful sunset and watching something like 30,000 swifts swirling above my head in beautiful patterns.Honestly one of the most beautiful things I've seen in awhile. They snaked down and around the chimney of the school in seething masses of probably 5-8k and streamed into the chimney creating the effect of billowing smoke played in reverse. I am truly loving it here in Portland. Every day has been an adventure.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Best bicycle randomness yet.

Parked outside the grocery store I came across this jem of a bicycle graphic. Somebody put their teen magazine to good use.

Mi Casa...3.14159

Well the number one awesome thing about my house is that my street address from left to right contains the first 6 digits of pi in order. How awesome is that. Anyways here is my new house.
It is basically the garden of Eden. My landlord/roommate is retired and just gardens all of the time.

Monkey Puzzle Tree

Anime colored flowers. Id bet the have a real name but I don't care to learn it.
Flower power.

My front porch where I will live on rainy days. Book in hand and pipe in mouth.

Nom Nom Nom....Kitchen!!!!!!!
Hawk skull in a bell jar...Yep my roommate is creepy like me.

My house is all craftsman balloon framed badassery. Check out that cantilever.

Yeah this phone actually works. If there was a long distance plan on the house phones I'd call everyone I knew from it.

I have a room...With all of my LPs...and no turntable. Sad face.

I leave you with this picture of a spider on it's web. There are honestly probably like 50 spiders that reside around my house. They make new webs all of the time. Quite beautiful except they like making them between my bike's handlebars overnight. Welp here's my new home. :)