Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Two photos from my trip back to Colorado

This picture was too cute that I couldn't resist taking it.
My niece and my brother looking tired from the festivities of my mom's 60th birthday.

I went swimming with my niece at the old outdoor pool where I learned to swim as a child.
It was a lot cooler than when I was a kid.
I also looked a lot cooler on this trip to the pool as well.
When I asked to borrow a pair of swimming trunks from my dad he rummaged through his stuff.
Pulled out these gems from the 1960s.
I just had to wear them.
It took some bravery.
I definitely got a bunch of weird looks.
But whatevs!! you have one life to live!!
I give you...
Hipster swimming apparel courtesy of my dad.

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